” I am so glad to go with Progressive Medical Center. The doctor was professional and made me feel so comfortable and relaxed during my GYN exam. “


” I would recommend Progressive Medical Center because the staff and health provider are very considerate. I felt like they cared about my health concerns and answered all of my questions. I made several visits and recommend this health clinic for anyone’s health needs. “


” After some online research, I chose Progressive Medical Center for my women’s health issues. The visit went very smoothly. Thank you for you services. “


” I want to express my sincere appreciation for treating my long-standing high blood pressure. Before seen at Progressive Medical Center, I have been treated by several doctors without much of success. The doctor at this office was very knowledgeable and friendly. Finally, my blood pressure is under control. I feel really great! Thank you. “


” I went to Progressive Medical Center as soon as I found out I was pregnant. The health practitioner and staff were polite and supportive. They answered all of my questions and helped me a lot to understand what initially appeared to be overwhelming amount of information. My worries are gone now. Thanks. “


” I am very happy with my decision to come to Progressive Medical. I could not get pregnant for two years. Thanks to the knowledgeable health practitioner, we now have a 12- month old daughter. Deep appreciation for your help. “

Lidia and Douglas

” Everyone was nice and considerate from the doctor to his assistants. My health provider was very patient with me and addressed my health issues in a single visit. I am healthy and happy now, and most importantly, my husband is happy too. “


” My GYN exam was stress and pain free. The physician assistant seemed to be honest, professional and friendly. Thank you. “


” I had depression for a long time.  I was treated by other doctors without improvement. This health practitioner is really something. I have been to the clinic three times and after some changes to my medications and counseling, I am a different and joyful person now. I certainly recommend this clinic to everyone. “


” The doctor is professional and courteous. I have been a patient of Progressive Medical for over three years and always have positive experience from my visits. “


” I went to Progressive Medical Center for my routine breast exam. The P.A. found a lump in my breast which later turned out to be cancer. He referred me to breast center where the lump was removed. I have been told by my oncologist that the P.A. might have saved my life. Thank you for being with me on time. “